Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reform of Government Employees

As mentioned in one of yesterday's post, government employees are lacking the knowledge and skills to effectively do their jobs. Yep, I said effectively.

A true test of an employees skill set is whether they make it easy or not for 'customers' and 'stakeholders' to interact with the organization. There are tons and tons of educated people that cannot express themselves simply; that inability causes them to create complicated forms, using convoluted jargon.

If the government is sending some of its workers back to school to learn the basics of their job, perhaps they could send them for a 'simplicity communication' program too.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Inside The Mind of a Liberal

And what do you suppose triggered my latest desire to rant against the liberals? It was a statement by liberal leadership contender DOCTOR Carolyn Bennett that said parents who raise their children at home risk "bringing up future criminals." Yes indeed, Ms Bennet has graduated from the DOCTOR Henry Morgentaler school of preventative social medicine. You see, it was DOCTOR Morgentaler who said that abortion helps prevent future criminals. He said those remarks at a convocation ceremony at the University of Western Ontario after receiving an honorary degree, later getting a standing ovation from the educated groupthink crowd.

Did the exempt media circle the quote and broadcast her remarks across the national media for discussion? NOPE! Like Morgentaler's evil statement, the media shrugged off the comments - or should I say censored? I've said it before, modern media is Big Brother.

Carolyn Bennett's comments exemplify the 'gut' thinking of the average liberal. Make no mistake about it, people that support the Liberal party share the same corrupt views of the human world. And the media, well they ain't likely to disagree. Children are unwanted in a progressive liberal society that values material worth over love, family and community. Ms Bennett, like her counterpart Hedy Fry, typify the quality of woman that are attracted to public life today. Long gone are women (and men) that hold principles that appeal to a higher human calling. Modern leaders have succumbed to convenience thinking.

Ms Bennet should present proof that motherhood and fatherhood produces persons oriented towards criminality. Otherwise, she should resign for presenting falsehoods.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Burton process

The Burton process is a thermal cracking process invented by William Merriam Burton and Robert Humphrey. The oil industry used it to double the production of gasoline in 1913. This thermal cracking process was patented on January 7, 1913 (Patent No. 1,049,667).

The first thermal cracking method, the Shukhov cracking process, was invented by Vladimir Shukhov (Patent of Russian empire No. 12926 on November 27, 1891).

In 1937 it was superseded by catalytic cracking.

It is still in use today to produce diesel.

Thursday, 30 September 2004

All the news is bad news?

Is it me or is all of the news in the Maritimes bad news? Layoffs, mill closings and striking federal and provincial government workers in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Jeepers.

I feel bad for the people that live in Nackawic and the Miramichi that have or will lose their jobs. I feel worse for the taxpayers who will end up paying through the nose, regardless of the end game. Creepers.

Overseas, Iraq continues to boggle the mind. Blowing up children who were receiving sweets is the latest evil. When people try to argue that Islam means peace, I think they are wrong and that it really means pieces (like blowing humans to pieces). Sad.

But fear not. Our brave and tolerant Canadian society only need to look on in horror from the comfort of their livingrooms. Pass the salt.

Wednesday, 29 September 2004

One small step from Burton, one giant leap for me

I remember when I first discovered personality profiles. I learned that being born in the month of August meant that I was a Leo. Leo's love the spotlight, shine in the spotlight, seek the spotlight, bla bla bla. Although I loved the 'follow me the leader' label, I knew the description was not really true. At the time (I was a teenager), I was a complete introvert. But times have changed. All of my personality profiles (I have completed a hundred or more) begin with the 'extrovert' label, bla bla bla. I moved up to the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and then hovered above seeking my true spiritual destiny. I fell back to earth.

I have sold french fries, marketed carpet, consulted on training services, earned a Master's degree, managed a training department, wrote a 200,000 word Irish historical drama, planned and then abandoned a business concept, sold my house and gave away most of my material world, started two more novels, moved to the Yukon, watched my dog Copper get killed, moved to NB and began applying for jobs.
I love to read, devise and support unpopular ideas. The Burton Front will be my line in the sand. And I shall defend my line!