Wednesday, 29 September 2004

One small step from Burton, one giant leap for me

I remember when I first discovered personality profiles. I learned that being born in the month of August meant that I was a Leo. Leo's love the spotlight, shine in the spotlight, seek the spotlight, bla bla bla. Although I loved the 'follow me the leader' label, I knew the description was not really true. At the time (I was a teenager), I was a complete introvert. But times have changed. All of my personality profiles (I have completed a hundred or more) begin with the 'extrovert' label, bla bla bla. I moved up to the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs and then hovered above seeking my true spiritual destiny. I fell back to earth.

I have sold french fries, marketed carpet, consulted on training services, earned a Master's degree, managed a training department, wrote a 200,000 word Irish historical drama, planned and then abandoned a business concept, sold my house and gave away most of my material world, started two more novels, moved to the Yukon, watched my dog Copper get killed, moved to NB and began applying for jobs.
I love to read, devise and support unpopular ideas. The Burton Front will be my line in the sand. And I shall defend my line!

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