Thursday, 30 September 2004

All the news is bad news?

Is it me or is all of the news in the Maritimes bad news? Layoffs, mill closings and striking federal and provincial government workers in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Jeepers.

I feel bad for the people that live in Nackawic and the Miramichi that have or will lose their jobs. I feel worse for the taxpayers who will end up paying through the nose, regardless of the end game. Creepers.

Overseas, Iraq continues to boggle the mind. Blowing up children who were receiving sweets is the latest evil. When people try to argue that Islam means peace, I think they are wrong and that it really means pieces (like blowing humans to pieces). Sad.

But fear not. Our brave and tolerant Canadian society only need to look on in horror from the comfort of their livingrooms. Pass the salt.

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